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Atlantics Pioneer roadshow rumbles on… after successful events in Athens, London and Barcelona. We, now leap across the pond and most of North America to Hollywood CA. This wide screen blend has been a joy to work with mainly due to the talented techs we have on site. The European crew have set very high standards for our American cousins to measure up to.

Its back to Barcelona… this time for the LEADER results meeting at the CCIB. We are installing a 75M wide set with a 20M blend 2 x portrait IMAG screens and 2 x 16:9 repeater screens. These are interspersed with fully aninmated LED towers. The custom curved stage runs the full length of the blend. This will be our widest set to date.

This month Mercer moves on to Dublin… this is event number four in this year’s series. Previously, having been to Sydney, Singapore and Chicago. After Dublin we round off 2016 in Montreal. This is an event we have been involved with for 6 years now and it has evolved from a simple dual screen to a curved wide screen blend that dominates every venue we go to.

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